Rio 2016 Olympic Emblem Launched

Monday, January 3, 2011

The team at FiveCurrents would like to congratulate Rio 2016 Organizing Committee on a successful emblem launch in front of more than 2 million people on Copacabana Beach last night! We are proud to continue our work with Rio 2016, from producing bid presentations and iconic films to helping select the emblem and serving as creative directors of the film used to launch the logo.

Check out our latest film on the Rio 2016 website:

FiveCurrents is honored to have worked with the extraordinary feature film director Andrucha Waddington, and Rio’s world-class Conspiração Films on the project. Congratulations, Rio 2016, on creating a mark that captures the Brasilian spirit, and the values of the Olympics, in a stylish andinnovative way!

Rio Pan Am Games in Milan Film Festival

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

FiveCurrents is pleased to announce that the Rio 2007 Pan American Games Opening Ceremony video has been selected by the Milan International FICTS Festival (Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs) during the first round of the awards process. During the next week, the jury will determine which of the selected videos will receive the ‘Special Merit Award’ or the ‘Guirlande d’Honneur’, the festival’s highest honor.

The Prize, created in 1983, is awarded every year to the persons who played a significant role in the promotion of sport image, cultural, and ethical values. The FICTS Festival is competitive and the works are judged by an international jury hailing from seven different countries.

The Rio 2007 Pan American Games video, a FiveCurrents production, is in the Sport Movies & TV 2008 category. The video will be shown at the FICTS festival in Milan on 4 November at 3:30pm. For more on the FICTS Festival, click here.

Weeks Away from CGI U Launch

Monday, February 25, 2008

With the inaugural Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) conference only weeks away, preparations are being made to transform Tulane University into a venue for 600 students to develop world-changing ideas. FiveCurrents and Executive Producer Scott Givens have been working with the Clinton Foundation since the inception of CGI in 2005, and are looking forward to producing a CGI event geared towards energetic university students. 

MTV reporter John Norris recently sat down with President Bill Clinton to discuss, among other things, CGI U. When asked about the rational behind CGI U, President Clinton responded,

“Young people want to be relevant. Look at all of the young people involved in this campaign for president. And I think that an enormous percentage of young people are already out there working on problems around the world, like Darfur or global warming, or in their own communities, like helping to tutor poor kids. They’re already doing so many things. And it occurred to me that the colleges and universities of America would benefit from the same sort of synergy that we’ve seen at the Clinton Global Initiative, where we bring in people from all over the world and in just three years, we’ve raised probably $30 billion to help 180 million people in 100 countries,” MTV reported.

Click here to read the entire interview. 


Rio 2007 Opening Ceremony Highlight Videos

Friday, July 27, 2007

While nothing can replicate the energy of experiencing the Rio 2007 Opening Ceremony with 90,000 Brazilians and 5,000 athletes inside Maracanã Stadium, we hope this four minute highlight reel edited to Viva Essa Energia captures the essence of a show that has been praised in publications from the Los Angeles Times to O Globo as “spectacular,” “second to none,” “magnificent,” “colorful,” “energetic,” “stellar,” “grand,” “brilliant,” “gold,” “emotional,” “glittering,” “rousing,” “inspired,” “lush” and “lavish.”

We loved the quote in the LA Times from USA Water Polo player and two-time Olympian Heather Petri:

“It was incredible! I actually think that was the best opening ceremony I’ve ever seen.”

The Opening Ceremony of the Rio 2007 Pan American Games was a FiveCurrents production led by Executive Producer Scott Givens. In order to help build an Olympic legacy, our full-time production team of 250 people was 97 percent Brazilian. A lot of work goes into creating an Olympic-style Opening Ceremony, and CO-RIO hired Kamikaze Films to produce a “Making Of Documentary” featuring behind-the-scenes footage of the production. The following is a five minute version of the film:

Clinton Global Initiative 2006 Video

Saturday, June 9, 2007

FiveCurrents produces the Clinton Global Initiative every year, and this YouTube video shows what happens when the former President of the United States decides to interrupt the production’s proverbial “Voice of God.” Yes, you turn his microphone back on! Stay tuned past his introduction for the music of a very pregnant Diana Krall.

By the way, she and her husband Elvis Costello had twin boys two months after her performance.