CGI Asia Gets Underway

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Preparations are nearing completion at the Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong as FiveCurrents gets ready for the launch of CGI Asia on 2 December.

Beyond transforming the global economic landscape, growth in Asian countries is expanding the capacity of Asian leaders to address contemporary challenges at the local, regional, and international levels. Corporations, governments and non-governmental organizations in Asia continue to increase their engagement on issues relating to education, health, poverty, climate change, and urbanization.

President Clinton will join several hundred Asian leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds to explore the strengthening cultures of social and global responsibility among Asian leaders, and the benefits that can be accrued through collaboration. For 2008, CGI Asia will focus on three main areas: Education, Energy & Climate Change, and Public Health.

Like the Annual Meetings in New York, the CGI meeting in Hong Kong will promote actionable outcomes by providing participants with unique, meaningful opportunities to work collaboratively to articulate their own Commitment to Action. Commitments are a unique strength of CGI that have defined its success on the global stage.

For more information on CGI Asia, click here.