Rio 2007 Opening Ceremony Highlight Videos

While nothing can replicate the energy of experiencing the Rio 2007 Opening Ceremony with 90,000 Brazilians and 5,000 athletes inside Maracanã Stadium, we hope this four minute highlight reel edited to Viva Essa Energia captures the essence of a show that has been praised in publications from the Los Angeles Times to O Globo as “spectacular,” “second to none,” “magnificent,” “colorful,” “energetic,” “stellar,” “grand,” “brilliant,” “gold,” “emotional,” “glittering,” “rousing,” “inspired,” “lush” and “lavish.”

We loved the quote in the LA Times from USA Water Polo player and two-time Olympian Heather Petri:

“It was incredible! I actually think that was the best opening ceremony I’ve ever seen.”

The Opening Ceremony of the Rio 2007 Pan American Games was a FiveCurrents production led by Executive Producer Scott Givens. In order to help build an Olympic legacy, our full-time production team of 250 people was 97 percent Brazilian. A lot of work goes into creating an Olympic-style Opening Ceremony, and CO-RIO hired Kamikaze Films to produce a “Making Of Documentary” featuring behind-the-scenes footage of the production. The following is a five minute version of the film:


One Response to Rio 2007 Opening Ceremony Highlight Videos

  1. Nacholympic says:

    I am from Chile an I could enjoy all the Pan Am Games. But undoubtedly, the Rio 2007 ceremonies had no precedent in Panamerican Games. They were fabulous, even better than some Olympic ceremonies. I am still atonoshed when I watch the images of hat Brazil offered us. Brzil has the strenght, capacity and “enegry” to offer the entire world an worwide event such as the Olympics.
    The huighlightsof the documental “Energy” seems very interesting and I would like to watch it complete. How can I do it?
    Great Brazil! Great all people that made posible such great and moving spectacle!

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