FiveCurrents Produces Puebla Cinco De Mayo Spectacular!

Puebla Cathedral

On May 5, 2012, FiveCurrents produced the 150th Cinco de Mayo Celebration: "Puebla: Orgullo de Mexico." The commemorative celebration was developed for broadcast to increase awareness of Puebla as a tourist destination, and to honor the rich history and bravery of the people of Puebla. The 150th Cinco de Mayo celebration was broadcast in 21 countries to more than 300 million people worldwide.

The special was presented in three acts focusing on The Spirit of the Land, The Spirit of the People, and The Spirit of Puebla. Incorporating Mexican and indigenous history and folklore, FiveCurrents used Fort Guadalupe, where the Battle of Puebla was fought in 1862, as the backdrop for the broadcast. Capitalizing on the historic site and rich Poblano history in each act, FiveCurrents created a storyline that included a re-creation of the Battle of Puebla, a tender retelling of the Aztec legend of Popo and Ixta, and even built a life-sized, full color representation of the Puebla Cathedral covered in humanity, with more than a hundred aerial

The president of Mexico and the governor of Puebla made moving remarks, and the show ended in a huge mast-cast number dedicated to peace, and the future of Puebla. Headline talent included Latin superstars Marc Anthony, Chayanne, Espinoza Paz, Pepe Aguilar, Maria
Jose and Lila Downs.


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