2007 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) the Best Yet

After a year of planning and preparation, FiveCurrents opened the doors for 1,300 CGI participants in New York last Wednesday, 300 more than last year. Executive Producer Scott Givens and the FiveCurrents team turned the Sheraton New York into a high-energy, interactive environment where a diverse community of CEOs, philanthropists, Heads of State, and NGO directors came together to address key global challenges. The three-day event was covered by more than 600 print press and broadcast media from around the globe. For the FiveCurrents team, CGI is an exciting, challenging, and extremely satisfying event to produce. Given the meeting’s size, caliber of participants, and focus on stimulating direct and immediate action, bringing CGI to life is no simple proposition. But it is just this sort of challenge at which FiveCurrents excels.

CGI 2007 focuses on four issue areas: Education, Energy and Climate Change, Global Health, and Poverty Alleviation. Working sessions on these topics, as well as plenary meetings, and special sessions, were web cast live at: www.clintonglobalinitiative.org. In addition to meetings and working sessions, CGI also includes a reception at the Museum of Modern Art, and new this year, a special evening at Carnegie Hall where the President present the Clinton Global Citizen Awards.

Throughout CGI, Scott Givens and the FiveCurrents team shared the excitement of staging this truly life-altering event. From filling the stairwells with cable (allowing not only live web casting but full cell phone coverage), to developing menus featuring only local ingredients (nearly all products used at the event have been brought in from no further than 100 miles), FiveCurrents is proud to provide the production, stage management, video, technology, creative direction, design, logistics, and special touches that made CGI 2007 the best Initiative meeting yet.

Al Gore and Desmond Tutu on a panel at CGI, which is produced by Scott Givens and FiveCurrents


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