London 2012 Blogs on Rio 2007

Bill Morris, Culture and Events Chief at London 2012, blogs about his experience in Rio on the London 2012 Blog. Here’s a brief excerpt:

This wasn’t just a good show – it managed to capture the energy that drives Rio – the creativity that thrives in the favelas and the passion for life that’s obvious everywhere. Instead of high-tech wizardy and theatrical toys, this show drew on local talents, brilliantly choreographed (by Bryn Walters from the UK), and vividly costumed.

A cast of four thousand volunteer performers was assembled by a predominantly local Brasilian team, led by the experienced US Exec. Producer, Scott Givens. We saw vast tableaux representing the energy of the sun, the energy of water (and Brasilian beach life) and the energy of man. The team drew heavily on the local talents of carnival producers and costume creators, massed samba schools and the seemingly inate Braslian ability to dance. The production moved at a healthy pace and wisely chose to go for quality rather than quantity. It arrived at its traditional climax with the lighting of the cauldron after less than two and a quarter hours.

You should also check out his blog on Nos de Morro, a “small drama, dance and performing arts centre” in one of Rio’s Favelas.


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