Rio 2007 Opening Ceremony Reviews

The great reviews of the Opening Ceremony of the XV Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro keep coming in across the net…

“A magnificent, magnanimous, mouth watering and majestic display of performing arts, culture, lighting and fireworks that left the onlooker drained of energy. Such was the opening ceremony of the 15th Pan American Games…”

–St Kitts-Nevis Vibes

“Samba music, fireworks and thousands of screaming fans filled one of the world’s most storied soccer stadiums yesterday as the 2007 Pan American Games kicked off with a colourful, energetic opening ceremony.”

–Winnipeg Sun

“The Pageantry of the Pan Am Games”


“Open with Pizzazz”


“If the opening hours come through as ‘Magic Kingdom meets Carnival,’ the feel is true. After all, the executive producer of the one-night event is Scott Givens, a veteran of six Summer and Winter Olympics’ Opening Ceremonies, and who was once Disney’s vice-president of entertainment.”

–Cayman Net News


One Response to Rio 2007 Opening Ceremony Reviews

  1. […] cast members and a thousand volunteers. From seamstresses to composers, it was a huge team. As the reviews show, they all did fantastic […]

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