FiveCurrents Delivers “Rousing Spectacle” in Rio

FiveCurrents and Executive Producer Scott Givens produced today’s Opening Ceremony of the XV Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro. We celebrate with Brazil the great reviews of the biggest show in Brazil’s history:

The 15th Panamerican Games opened on Friday with a rousing spectacle… It was no surprise the ceremony took on a glossy Olympic look with executive producer Scott Givens in charge.


“A spectacular opening ceremony gets the 15th Pan American Games off to a good start in Rio de Janeiro, in a style mirroring the opening of an Olympic Games.”


“Maracanã caught fire…”



“Fireworks exploded and the wave went around Rio’s cherished Maracana soccer stadium as Brazil launched its biggest show on Friday — and a test of its ability to become a major player on the global sports stage.”

–International Herald Tribune

“The 15th Pan American Games have opened with a glittering ceremony in Rio de Janeiro.”

–Voice of America

“Samba music, fireworks and thousands of screaming fans filled one of the world’s most storied soccer stadiums yesterday as the 2007 Pan American Games kicked off with a colourful, energetic opening ceremony.”

–Winnipeg Sun

“Brazil welcomed the Americas to dance last night, a lush and lavish opening ceremony to kick off the 15th Pan American Games that outdid many an Olympic kickoff.”

–Globe and Mail 


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