Scott Givens, President of FiveCurrents

FiveCurrents is founded and led by Scott Givens. While you can read Scott’s bio or check out his entry in Wikipedia, here’s what Mitt Romney said about him in his book Turnaround: Crisis, Leadership and the Olympic Games.

For all things relating to the creative functions, I turned to Scott Givens. We needed him to bring heart and meaning to the Games, achieve the scope and sweep of Sydney, but with less than a tenth of the bankroll. We needed big ideas—big enough to fill the city with the magic of an Olympic celebration. We could not afford to fund a battery of infrastructure improvements, let alone a banner for every streetlamp, so the projects we chose to fund needed to be high impact. We needed more from less. We needed water from stones. Scott went to work thinking big, bold, audacious thoughts.

Scott worked for Mitt as managing director of the creative group for the Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games.


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